Yesterday, something wonderful happened on Twitter. And it started with this Tweet:

Basically, someone asks people to post details of any book they know would really benefit them but can’t quite afford it, and that they post the cost of the book, and a PayPal link of the order if possible.

And this starts something which is beautiful and glorious. I’m still trying to take it in. People post details of their dream books, and one after another, the guy sorts the payment for the book. Just like that. No many questions or conditions, except for his sometimes telling you that in future when you can, do the same for other people.

Then something equally beautiful follows.

Other people join in and start paying for other people’s purchases. You post a PayPal link and in a short time a Tweep replies and tells you that it is all sorted. This became a chain (which is still ongoing I guess), a chain of people sorting out other people and granting them access to that which they believe will be of value but can’t quite afford it.

In one instance, someone quotes a book and guess who replies: the author of the book! He tells the tweep to DM his details and he shall send him a signed copy of the book! Just like that!

Another tweep desires a certain book from Amazon that will help them deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of interviews. Someone takes it up, pays for the book and even volunteers to do mock interviews on the person to relieve them of interview fever.

Another person desired a tablet, which in essense would enable to them to read many more books while they are on the road. And someone took it up and paid for it on Amazon!

I look at this fire that was ignited by a single person’s desire to give. His giving attracted others, and many more people got the opportunity to give and to be of benefit to other people. And realising that giving is not really about having much – which makes you feel like you need to accumulate enough first then you can give some – but about a sincere desire to be useful to the lives of others in whichever way that will be significant to them.

Then I ask myself the million dollar question: would I do something like that for other people? May be not about paying for their book purchases on Amazon but you get it, don’t you? And the answer leaned towards being a No. Probably a not so weak No, but a No which daily desires and tries to become a Yes.

Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive. There is something which the person gives knows, a key that unlocks their financial gates, something which a consistent receiver will never enjoy.

So help me God! But that was beautiful. And I will endeavor to become better daily.

Ive deserted my pen for some time and she’s not happy. We are not in talking terms because it this but all shall be well – we don’t talk here, we write 😉 Anyhow, glad to be back!