On Twitter they are declaring “Legalize it!”,
For we so love to see them ever high,
High on politics, high on politricks,
Though they be dry on policies,
Because we are Kenya.
We like it when they give us fish,
As they drain our daily fishing ponds,
As they grab our fishing training college land,
While they keep us adequately occupied with handouts,
Because we are Kenya.
They bring our institutions to their knees,
Raping them and ensuring systems don’t work,
Then appear and make publicised donations,
And we cheer and vote them because we love it so,
Because we are Kenya.
We paint our buildings to clear our clogged drainage,
Banning graffiti to reduce road carnage,
Here new uniforms cure the culture of bribes.
We love it inverse – without aiming, we shoot and pray,
Because we are Kenya.
We are loud on referendum, loud on upcoming census,
And quiet on the handicapped electoral commission,
We’ll change it next year; we love the chaos that will cause,
And the opportunities to manipulate and infiltrate,
Because we are Kenya.
But we can’t continue being this Kenya,
We need to format this county, or unplug it entirely,
Not these hardware and software updates with backward compatibility,
This computer needs to work, not just consume power and eat up space,
But it can’t, because we are Kenya.